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newsRailX and Portcast Forge Partnership

RailX, the UK’s leading rail freight booking platform and Portcast, a leader in international supply chain visibility, have combined their unique capabilities to help improve intermodal transport efficiency for cargo imported into the UK.

RailX simplifies the process of rail freight booking and seamlessly integrates final-mile road haulage into its services, providing a comprehensive port-to-door solution. On the other hand, Portcast specialises in real-time tracking of international ocean transport movements, offering more precise predictive arrival times and terminal insights, including available free time at ports. This collaboration empowers RailX to proactively plan cargo transfers from ship to rail and optimise last-mile road transportation.

Real-time container tracking data provided by Portcast enables RailX to anticipate and strategically plan for mitigating the effects of delays in the ocean leg of shipments, where disruptions frequently occur. This partnership allows for real-time tracking at every stage of the shipment, accompanied by actionable insights, ensuring streamlined planning for subsequent rail and road haulage.

RailX CEO Paul Bathgate explains; “As supply chains become more unpredictable, the ability to track vessel arrival and manage changes in schedules is essential. By integrating Portcast data into the RailX app allows RailX users and our team access to reliable, real-time tracking for seamless rail bookings without additional port charges and the reassurance that goods will continue on route to their final destination.”

"Regarding the partnership, Portcast CEO Nidhi Gupta stated, 'This synergy will ensure a great customer experience for importers through smoother intermodal transfer of cargo. In particular, the terminal data insights will enable better planning at key handover points, where delays usually go unnoticed due to inaccurate arrival details or a lack of complete information about container milestones. Our partnership will ensure the end customers have visibility over their containers from the port of loading until the last mile."

About RailX

RailX is an innovative tech-led start-up supporting proportioned road to rail transition programmes across the logistics industry via a growing client base of freight forwarders. Combining rail expertise with leading technology, RailX can seamlessly connect the supply of rail services with growing demand.

For more information visit: www.railx.com

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About Portcast

Portcast, as a supply chain visibility provider, adopts a data-first approach. With advanced analytics and cutting-edge technology at the core, Portcast's solutions, including Real-Time Container Tracking and Exceptions Management, transcend conventional tracking methods. These solutions empower stakeholders worldwide to improve their supply chain resilience.

For more information visit: www.portcast.io. For queries, please write to: contact@portcast.io