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pressRailX Partners with Pledge for Enhanced Carbon Visibility

Tech start-up RailX has announced a partnership with Pledge, the leading accredited carbon reporting platform for freight and logistics. The collaboration allows RailX customers to access carbon emission data through their proprietary software and report on ongoing road to rail savings.

Targeting the UK freight forwarder market, RailX has ambitious plans to reshape how the logistics industry accesses rail freight services. Currently there is no single digital platform for multiple suppliers to connect with demand. The RailX team, in collaboration with rail freight operators, are consultatively working alongside forwarders to support road to rail transition programmes and proactively reduce scope 3 emissions.

RailX Director of Sustainability, Kelly Hobson explains; “There is a longstanding perception that rail is an expensive and inflexible way to move freight. What we are recognising is road is currently the preferred choice when moving freight inland however, with a road to rail carbon reduction of up to 76% achieved more organisations are proactively exploring the benefits of using rail to move a proportion of their freight. The UK government has released a target to grow rail freight by 7.5% in the next six years  and the RailX team are committed to supporting that transition by creating easy access to services and data.”

“Our partnership with Pledge enabling users to immediately identify carbon savings when exploring rail as an alternative to road and by accessing rail services via our digital app we are allowing users to easily access the benefits of rail.”

David de Picciotto, CEO and Co-founder, Pledge added; “We’re excited to be part of RailX’s ambitious mission to revolutionise access to rail freight. By integrating Pledge into their platform, RailX is empowering customers with real-time carbon emissions data and the ability to seamlessly track their emissions savings when shifting from road to rail. This transparency is essential for businesses looking to minimise their environmental impact, and we’re proud they’ve chosen our platform for this innovative project.”

RailX aims to be at the forefront of an industry wide movement to progress a proportion of road freight to rail. Their new campaign ‘Rail First’ will be launched at next month’s Multimodal exhibition, encouraging forwarders to sign up in support of decarbonising supply chains today.



About RailX

RailX is an innovative tech-led start-up supporting proportioned road to rail transition programmes across the logistics industry via a growing client base of freight forwarders. Combining rail expertise with leading technology, RailX can seamlessly connect the supply of rail services with growing demand.

For more information visit www.railx.com

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Director of Sustainability and Marketing

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About Pledge

Pledge provides accredited software solutions that enable freight forwarders to measure and report their customers’ shipment carbon emissions. It aims to bring accessibility and transparency to freight emissions measurement, reporting and offsetting, helping to drive more sustainable practices within the industry and deliver a positive impact on the environment.

Pledge’s software solution is accredited by the Smart Freight Centre (SFC) for its adherence to the Global Logistics Emissions Council (GLEC) framework and is ISO:14083 compliant.

Visit www.pledge.io for more information.

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Gary Gonsalvez

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