RailX - Rail freight made simple

Think #RailFirst. By presenting rail freight as a viable solution in every conversation you are actively supporting modal shift programmes where immediate reduction of carbon emissions are achieved.


Understand the Benefits

Moving freight by road can provide up to a 76% reduction in total carbon emissions compared to lorries on the equivalent journey.

Source: DFT Rail Freight Strategy 2016


Present a Solution

Whenever you're reviewing inland freight movements, always present Rail as the first option to review. It might not always be the most viable option but it will start the conversation and lead to finding solutions that are a great fit.


Recognise the Opportunities

Rail is the perfect solution when prospecting susitainability led organisations and strengthen retention strategies. Don't forget to identify your longer distance UK routes currently on road and speak to RailX experts for support. These routes are your low hanging fruit!


Your Impact Promise

Between 2024 and 2030 our organisation will transition at least 6% of our road activity to rail*

*road activity is total UK miles by road achieved in 2023